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Catnip – It’s Not Just for Cats Anymore

Nor has it been for centuries. Known scientifically as Nepeta cataria, catnip or cat mint has been used for hundreds of years by humans because of its soothing properties. It has been used for pain relief, to bring down fevers and to help get a good night’s sleep for much of recorded history. It has also [...]

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Wild Lettuce Part 2: The Plant, its History, and Uses

So what is Wild lettuce? Wild lettuce is the bitter cousin to the common lettuce that you find in your local supermarket. It is sometimes added to salads containing lettuce to add a more distinct flavor. The three main species of this group of lettuce are; Lactuca virosa, Lactuca canadennis, and Lactuca serriola. Lactuca virosa is [...]

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Wild Lettuce Part 1: The Big Game Changer

(This article is dedicated to my neurologist, James Gilbert, M.D., who faithfully put up with me as a terrible complaining migraine patient for over 40 years) Yes, wild lettuce was my big health game changer. This Gateway herb opened up the world of Herbs for me. After many years of doubt, this lowly herb was my [...]

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